Hi, we’re Yummy Couple. We’re just a happily married couple next door – with kids, careers, and a secret hobby that we share with you – making porn. We only do what we like and love each other madly, we hope that’s visible in all our media – not a single second, no orgasm, no goosebumps, no cumshot, no sound is faked.
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We get asked a lot how Mr. Yummy produces these huge loads of cum.

The truth is: It’s training!

When we met he tried everything to impress her and found out that
(a) nothing nutrition- or supplement-based worked and
(b) like all skills even cumming can be trained (that’s why you can buy guitar tutorials and no “guitar playing pills”).

A lot of people ask “what does he eat”, but that’s not how it works. You could probably run a marathon on grilled cheese and Diet Coke if you train regularly, but won’t achieve anything eating athlete’s food staying on the couch all day.

Also, don’t underestimate the mental part of training bodily skills – it helps with orgasm control or even shooting multiple loads.
Winning a marathon against 20k competitors may be genetics, but finishing your first and improving at your 2nd – that’s training!

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