Hi, we're Yummy Couple

We're a real married couple making porn - for you!

None of us ever faked a single orgasm, this is real love.

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The Cum Training

You read that right. Like all skills, cumming big loads and multiple times, can be trained, not eaten. That's why there's no "guitar playing pills" and you didn't change your breakfast when you learned to drive.

We made an instruction video for a daily training that's fun and easy to follow - and Mr. Yummy gives 1:1 support.


I tried all kinds of supplements and vitamins and nothing worked - even didn't find any medical evidence for that. You'd run a marathon on grilled cheese and Diet Coke if you train daily but won't get anywhere eating athlete's supps sitting on the couch.


When we met I tried to impress her with huge loads of cum because she told me "a big cumshot is the most honest way of telling a woman how hot she is" - and it worked (we got married, even started doing porn 😉

I integrated the training into my daily schedule and it's easy and fun!


I'm 46 and we get a lot of happy testimonials from people much older. For some it even worked after the first few days!

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